We All Scream for Ice Cream!

As part of living in the Culinary LLC, we are required to participate in weekly workshops. While some people may view this as a hassle, I think it is quite a treat-pun intended! Last Tuesday was our first workshop, and we had the opportunity to make ice cream at our apartment with the help of two lovely ladies from a company called Something Frozen. You may be thinking that making ice cream is a pretty basic task, but that is where you are wrong. My housemates and I learned how to make ice cream using dry ice and ingredients that are indigenous to Denmark! Having a gelato truck right around the corner from my apartment is nice, but having it one floor below and handmade is even better.

While I am sure my family will be proud to hear that I successfully made my own ice cream, they may not be too thrilled to hear about the ingredients my group and I put in it. Let’s keep in mind though, the legal drinking age here is 18.

Our first batch was a huge success! We tried to keep the ingredients relatively simple, and the only complaint that we had was that it was not as frozen as it could have been. In this batch, we mixed together apple jam, a Christmas beer that had a hint of caramel in it, and a sherry so good we had a hard time not pouring the whole bottle in. Imagine the taste of a warm apple pie, and then intensify that taste by ten and you have our ice cream! Honestly, I will toot our own horn and say we could make millions off this flavor.

My group got a little too confident going into the second round. Our original idea was for the ice cream to be a raspberry flavor with a hint of mint and lemon in it. What we got was the farthest thing from that. When we combined these flavors, our recipe ended up tasting like a salad. You want to know who likes the taste of salad ice cream? NOBODY! To compensate for this failed idea, we decided to throw all sorts of ingredients in. We included licorice, some Danish herbs, a few drops of honey, and wait for it….Jäegermeister. Yeah, you read that right. Jäegermeister. Adam had the great idea of grabbing his bottle and pouring a little bit in. And when I say a little bit, I mean about five shots worth of it. It was awful. Absolutely awful. I don’t think I will ever be able to smell Jäegermeister again and I apologize to all of our housemates that we tricked into thinking it was chocolate ice cream. Rather than viewing this as a failed attempt at becoming an ice cream connoisseur though, I see it as an enhancement to my taste buds.

To all my friends and family in America, expect a homemade ice cream party when I get home! I promise to leave the Jäegermeister here!

One thought on “We All Scream for Ice Cream!

  1. Becky says:

    Summie, I can’t wait to try some of your ice cream! Your blog is great and you are a super talented writer! Can’t wait to read more of your experiences. We love and miss you!


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