So What’s The Sitch?

Keeping a blog is hard.  Like really, really hard.  I have always admired people that consistently post new stories and make it look so effortless, but up until now, I never realized how much energy it actually takes to maintain a blog.  It has been over a week since I last updated everyone on my shenanigans in Copenhagen, and since then I feel like I could write a novel detailing everything that I have been up to.  Grab your reading glasses and brace yourself for a lot of scrolling down, because I have a lot to say.


Birthday celebrations with the “Ladies on Top” (Sorry for the somewhat crude sense of humor)

Two weekends ago I got to celebrate my 20th birthday with all of my new friends, and I have never had so much fun in my life!  The day before my birthday we had an LLC event where we did a walking food tour of Copenhagen.  I was kind of bummed to have such a set schedule, but it was a fantastic way to see the city from a local perspective.  We got to sample strawberry almonds (surprisingly good), peppermint carmel chews (unsurprisingly awful), and the tastiest iced coffee I have ever had in my life.  The best part about this tour was that it was all paid for, so it felt like we were indulging in free food.  After a much needed nap, my housemates and I then met up again to make dinner for the night…homemade hot dogs!  I am a sucker for a nice hot dog, so I was worried that these would not be able to compare, but boy was I wrong!  I ate three hot dogs in one sitting and my mouth is still watering over a week later just thinking about them.  Sondra, my roommate, was acting weird the whole meal, which made me extremely nervous.  Turns out she had convinced the whole house to sing happy birthday to me, and she just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t find out about it because she knew it would made me anxious.  Obviously once they started singing, my hands got extremely clammy and I wanted to hurt her, so good thing she kept this secret from me! I’ve spent the past 10 minutes trying to figure out how to upload the video someone took of this, but I am not tech savvy enough to figure it out so y’all will just have to use your imagination to picture how awkward this scene was.


These girls don’t live on my floor – they’re proof that I’m making other friends!

That sums up just about everything worth knowing about my birthday, so now I’ll fill you in on the more personal things that have been going on these past few weeks.  As I mentioned earlier, I live on the top floor of our apartment with six other girls.  As if the hike up the stairs isn’t bad enough, the lack of testosterone is about to drive us all insane.  I never thought that I would miss the company of smelly guys, but it’s weird not having their company.  Our floor looks like it is a renovated attic, so we all joke that we’re the hated step-children that are thrown up here to be hidden from the rest of the world.  The first few weeks here, my floor was seen as the snooty mean girls who kept to themselves.  I blame this flawed perception of us on the fact that some of the girls up here have a naturally mean look on their face, which is commonly referred to as RBF, or resting bitch face.  If you ask me though, we’re all pretty interesting and charismatic  girls who are worth knowing!  Slowly but surely the rest of the house is getting to realize that we’re nice people, and while that may because we bribe them with baked goods, I’ll take it.

Moving on…whew! If you’ve read this far, you deserve a pat on the back.  I only have one more thing worth writing about before you are all caught up with what I’ve been up to over here!  One of the perks of studying in Denmark is how easy and cheap it is to travel everywhere.  This past Friday I went to Oslo, Norway, with Carson and three other girls.  Annie, one of the girls who went with us, has some cool connections over there so we got to stay in a beautiful apartment for free and her family friend was able to hangout with us and give us a short tour of the area.  We spent Saturday morning at a place called Frogner Park which is full of the most interesting sculptures I have ever seen.  While the weather was a little dreary, we were all smiles as we got to take goofy pictures with the sculptures and get to know one another better.  After visiting the park and walking around downtown Oslo for a few hours, we headed back to the apartment and just did “girly things”, to steal a phrase coined by Olivia.  Oslo was great, but it really has nothing on Copenhagen.  I didn’t feel as safe while I was there and it reminded me of a pricier version of Denver, Colorado.  And while it is really nice to get to travel to so many new places, it is hard to get a feel for a place when you can only spend a weekend there.


Just doing “girly things”

So that’s the sitch on the past week and a half here in the happiest country on earth.  I love it here.  I was nervous that once the Wofford kids started school again, I would begin to feel homesick, but honestly, seeing their Snapchat stories and Instagram pictures just makes me more thankful for this opportunity I have been blessed with.

Hej hej! Tak for laesning!


Here’s an awkward solo shot, woohoo!

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